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“Meet our illustrious family of music professionals.”

Stef Pascual

Stef is a seasoned General Manager and Digital Strategy expert in the entertainment sector. With a robust background in Digital Strategy, Advertising, and liaising between Labels, Artists, DSPs, and Social Platforms, Stef excels in Marketing, E-commerce, and Music Licensing. As a distinguished marketing professional and lecturer, Stef boasts a CIM Award in Strategic Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • UK
Steven Farris

Steven is a seasoned music consultant with over three decades of multifaceted experience in the music industry. His expertise encompasses mentoring, catalogue optimization, music publishing insights, and sync representation. Furthermore, he is open to participation in conference panels, guest lectures, and assessment roles.

  • UK
Richy Muirhead

With a master's degree in music entrepreneurship and over a decade and a half of experience in the music industry, Richy has honed his expertise as an independent professional. He has collaborated with esteemed organisations like Roadrunner Records, Red Bull, BBC Scotland, Creative Scotland, and PRS Foundation, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge.

  • Scotland
Yvonne Hartmann

Yvonne Hartmann is an art director, photographer, and consultant with over ten years of experience in the music industry, specializing in visual branding. She previously worked as a Senior Graphic Designer at Native Instruments and now focuses on creating cohesive brand identities across various media, including print, digital, and motion design. Yvonne also teaches Digital Arts and Branding at BIMM University Berlin and Music Pool Berlin. Her portfolio features work with international artists like Bon Iver and companies such as Beatport, and her photography has appeared in publications like Crack Magazine.

  • Germany
Lionel Lodge

With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, Lionel have been involved with a diverse spectrum of the industry as a creative as well as a business manager. This includes running a live music venue, a live music booking agency (exited after 4 years), founding and being senior editor and co-publisher of an entertainment magazine (exited after 2 years), managing a sync licensing agency. Lionel is currently holding the position of CEO of SyncLodge, the Full-Service Music IP Management Platform, and is on the board of directors for IAFAR the International Association For Artists and Rights holders.

  • UK
Umong Shah

For the past decade, Umong has immersed himself in the music industry, cultivating a robust skill set and forging strong relationships with a diverse array of industry professionals. He is a consistent presence at both domestic (UK) and international industry events and conferences, including notable gatherings like SXSW, Mu:Con, Future Echoes, and The Great Escape.

  • UK
Rev. Moose

Rev Moose, co-founder of NIVA, has been instrumental in supporting American independent venues, earning accolades like the Clio and Webby Awards. His pivotal role in securing the $16 billion Shuttered Venue Operators Grant underscores his industry impact. Moose specialises in crafting strategies for the North American market, founded the Port Authority Music Export Academy for international professionals, and expanded the global footprint of The Syndicate and CMJ, leveraging his rich experience with international artists at The Underground Management.

  • New York
Terry Tyldesley

Terry is a Music and Tech Consultant who has worked across Europe on innovation in music. She provides leadership, strategy, and mentoring, to startups, artists, and organisations, helping to bring their visions to life. She is in demand as a speaker on AI and music, as a panel moderator, and educator, and works with emerging tech stars in areas such as VR, AR, and immersive and interactive installations. With her own AI-enhanced music featured on radio and TV, she has a 360° approach to the industry.

  • UK
Sammie Walsh

Sammie Walsh has played a pivotal role in promoting artists, events, comedians and athletes through her independent PR and social media agency, beehive. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne, her diverse clientele includes The Vanns, Hollow Coves, Jet, BIGSOUND, Wanderer Festival, TLC, Maria Bamford, Barton Lynch, South Summit, and Duran Duran among others. Previously, Sammie worked with Future Music Group and Mushroom Group, and partnered with Roundhouse Entertainment to launch "A Weekend in The Gardens" in Melbourne, featuring notable artists like Paul Kelly, Illy, John Farnham and Missy Higgins.

  • Australia
Luke English

UK-based Luke English boasts a prominent legal career in the media industry, negotiating major deals for artists and broadcasters, launching acclaimed shows, and representing top Sony Music talents. He founded a media law firm, influencing music publishing and record label signings, and often speaks at industry events.

  • UK
Kees van Weijen

Kees is a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry, with experience spanning The Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain since 1969. His expertise covers management, digital exploitation, sales, distribution, and consultancy. Recognized as a moderator and panelist, Kees is a self-reliant individual who equally thrives in team settings.

  • The Netherlands
Jess Partridge

Jess is a prominent figure in the UK's music scene, securing over £7.5 million for organizations, championing gender equality with the PRS Foundation, and managing high-profile events like Annie Mac's London conference. She's excelled in audience development for entities such as and In Stereo magazine, launched notable venues for VICE, and been a driving force behind mentorship initiatives and industry change advocacies like Brighter Sound.

  • UK
Keren McKean

With over two decades in the music industry, Keren boasts a rich history of involvement in iconic festivals including T In the Park, Connect, and Electric Fields. Her managerial expertise spans acclaimed bands like Snow Patrol, The Reindeer Section, Toaster, and State of Flux. Additionally, she has masterfully orchestrated brand partnerships for renowned brands like Miller Genuine Draft, Harp, and Guinness.

  • Scotland
Peter Åstedt

Peter boasts over 35 years of diverse experience in the music industry. Having contributed to some of the world's most-streamed songs, iconic ad campaigns, and collaborations with legendary artists, he stands as a luminary in the musical realm.

  • Sweden
Kodi McKinney

Kodi is a seasoned talent and business developer in the music realm. He's been pivotal in US media campaigns for both domestic and international artists. Leveraging his expertise in marketing, curation, and performance, Kodi has also driven Marauder's event production services, bridging US audiences and industry with global artists and organisations.

  • New York
Boyan Pinter

Boyan is a seasoned performing arts expert with two decades of experience, specializing in Artist Relations, Booking, and Contracts. He has been instrumental in working with some of the most prominent acts to grace the Bulgarian market.

  • UK / USA / Bulgaria
Andras Bodrogi

Andras is a seasoned professional in the digital music business, adept at rights management and monetisation across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. His expansive expertise encompasses catalogue development, content and video marketing, branded content, and influencer strategies. Additionally, Andras is proficient in the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube CMS, digital music distribution, music licensing, supervision, and PR, making him a comprehensive force in the realm of music and digital strategy.

  • Hungary / Portugal
Marcelo Garibotto

Marcelo is a pivotal figure at VIA Music Group, an influential music entity based in Finland & Australia with global ties. With a background in engineering and senior management, Marcelo shines as a mentor, especially within the Music and Blockchain sectors. His expertise in market innovation and his role at VIA Music Group underscore a dedication to artist development, strategic partnerships, and a close-knit team ethos.

  • Finland / Australia