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Arthur Barnes


Music Consultant base in Brighton UK


Various roles in the music industry 35+ years.




Career highlights include:

  • Touring internationally & lighting the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury for festival headliners the Levellers in 1994.
  • Working as Belle and Sebastian’s publisher & the band won a Brit Award for Best Newcomer in 1999.
  • Being headhunted to work at £5M startup which was Europe’s first digital music distributor in 2000.
  • Re-releasing the Levellers back catalogue with Warners & setting up a publishing company administered by Kobalt in 2006 to collect the band’s royalties.
  • Having a club hit with management client, Kidda, which also featured in a global TV ad in 2007.
  • Working with multi-million album sellers Snow Patrol, who Steve had previously signed at Sony, as a director of their publishing company Polar Patrol. We achieved Top 10 albums with Bo Bruce & Belle & Sebastian, multiple syncs with Here We Go Magic/Luke Temple and critical acclaim for Nadine Shah. Our songwriter Jonny McDaid had a No.2 single with Example, a Hollywood movie trailer, multiple songs on Ed Sheeran’s multi-platinum album “Multiply” & a track on Snow Patrol’s Top 10 album “Fallen Empires”. The company, administered by Kobalt, had a successful sale to Spirit/B-Unique in 2016.
  • Signing the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets & Bilk at 13 Artists Publishing which Steve set up from scratch & negotiated an administration deal with Warner-Chappell. Steve also brought in The Academic, Seagirls and Tom Speight into 13 Artists booking agency in 2017.
  • Running my own consultancy starting in 2020 with a diverse range of clients including Scruff of the Neck, Leeds Conservatoire, HEMI, PRS Foundation, BIMM, Sound Czech, JUMP, Pressure Drop, Faction Records, AKQA, MVKA Records.

Fields of Expertise

  1. Music Publishing 
  2. A&R
  3. Synchronisation 
  4. Artist Development
  5. Catalogue Optimisation 


  1. Steve Farris Music
  2. 13 Artists Publishing 
  3. Polar Patrol Publishing (Snow Patrol)
  4. On The Fiddle Publishing & Records (Levellers)
  5. Peoplesound (1st digital distributor in EU)
  6. Sony Music Publishing 
  7. EMI Music Publishing 
  8. Levellers Touring 

Workshop / Masterclass / 1-2-1 (Topics)

  1. An Overview Of Music Publishing 
  2. The Creative Roles Of  A  Music Publisher 
  3. An Introduction to Sync
  4. Music Release Strategy
  5. An Overview of Catalogue Optimisation

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